private Lessons

personalized attention

  • Learn functional technique to practice successfully and productively. 

  • In a business where time is money, the provided methods and exercises will allow you to progress as a more independent and dynamic singer and performer.

  • Kurt designs the lessons according to the singers’ needs, with an emphasis on vocal health, efficiency, and autonomy.

  • Within his studio, singers train through exciting sessions of real and measurable progress. The techniques provided are a proven way of using your voice that allows you to sing freely with power, clarity, and consistency, and are applicable to all styles of singing.


vocal style

Customized Lessons

  • Customized lessons to fit your individual needs.

  • Learn stylistic nuances; singing various genres, styles, tone colors, and vocal effects.

  • Singers explore style and approach for successfully executing contemporary commercial genres, including Rock, Pop, Folk, Country, RnB, and Punk music.

  • Learn how to "groove"; utilizing physicality, the stage environment, the mic, mic stand, band members, and your audience, and creating memorable performance moments. Singers equip themselves with all of their available tools and craft plans for epic, commanding, front-man/woman performances.



advanced technique

guaranteed success

  • As a well renowned voice coach since 2000, Kurt has provided the tools and guidance needed to help all singers excel. Take advantage of the extensive professional experience he has to offer, especially his Advanced Voice Training course.

  • Unleash power and brilliance in your voice with daily warm-ups and successive weekly workouts that encourage and strengthen your contemporary “mix” techniques. 

  • Get in touch to find out more and to reserve your lesson time today.